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New international member here

vivy333 vivy333 (New) New

i wish to use this opportunity to wish all our members a merry xmas and aprosperous new year.iam a new member residing in saudi arabia.

am a registered nurse/midwife.pls i ve registered for ielts ,still studying for cgfns to sit for it by july.but i would like to if i can work without cfgns in any of these countries london,australia ,usa and canada. if yes what are the requirements

CGFNS exam is only for working in the US, but it still doesn't give you a license. It is only a screening exam. I highly recommend that you prepare for the NCLEX exam, and just take that along with the IELTS.

There are many states here that do not require the CGFNS exam, only a credentials verification done by CGFNS called the CES.

I suggest that you check out the stickies at the top of this forum, you will find all of the information that you need.

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