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New to HHN

by RNTransplant80 RNTransplant80 (New) New

Hi everyone! Just wanted to get a feel for all the new and seasoned HHN's opinions... First, do your companies pay per visit or salary? If you get salary, so you work on a point system? Meaning you need to get soo many points a week, each depending on the kind of visit? Then, anyone here ever worked for Infinity home care or Amedysis? I was just told that Amedysis bought out Infinity care, going to amedysis benefits because they are better, but this place is keeping the Infinity name because of the good reputation they have built in this area. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Both PPV and hourly.

Hourly has productivity expectations and more money/flexibility can be had in PPV depending on skill set and circumstances.

At PPV I always out earned my hourly coworkers, often in less hours but my HH skill set is high and I lived in my patient territory/worked from home.