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New to HH, PPV ?

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Hi all,

I interviewed for a PRN home health job today and based on my conversation with the manager, I am expecting a job offer. I am new to home health visits and had no idea on how to respond when asked about my expected rate. She said normally for PRN it's around $36-38 (pay per visit structure) plus milage. Is that about average, generally speaking or should I negotiate a better rate?

Area is Louisville, Kentucky. I have 3 years LPN experience and 3 years of med/surg hospital experience.


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That actually sounds like great pay if the mileage is fair and you are talking about follow up visits and not SOCs. Here in the Los Angeles area I'm an LVN with 6 years Home Health and Hospice experience and get $30-40 plus $5 flat mileage rate almost every agency I've worked at (so a total of $35-45 per visit). Typically teaching visits or wound care. If a visit is either way out of normal area or complicated in some way they may pay extra base or mileage. Of course cost of living here is extremely high, so that's LVN pay and RN pay is usually $50-60 per visit plus mileage for follow ups.

But based on comparable salaries in your region I'd say that's decent. However don't be afraid to negotiate! Worst case scenario is they stay at that offer.

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