Regarding finishing Prereqs

  1. I am applying for early acceptance at Northern Essex in Lawrence for the AN program. Apparently, they will only consider you if you have completed your non nursing courses first. they mean finished them at the time of acceptance, or finished them before your actual nursing courses start in the fall???

    I'm confused.
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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    When I was applying to ns, I heard that many times. It almost always meant that even BEFORE you applied, they wanted all your non-nursing courses completed. One place told me that was because they wanted students to be able to focus on nursing studies.

    I will say I'm glad I had finished most of my courses, although the college I went to didn't require it. Many of the non-traditional students I went with could not handle the requirements of a 10-credit Med/Surg course, plus a 4-credit Microbiology, and any others, all at once.