Question for LNA's

  1. I will be taking the state exam next week.
    How hard is it?? What do they ask you to do for the clinical part?
    So far I think the class itself has been easy, and I've enjoyed working in the nursing there anything I should be prepared for before the state exam?
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  3. by   NHmommy
    Thanks for the pm's. I take the exam on Wed. Wish me luck!
  4. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Did you pass your exams? Hope you did very well, Im sure you kicked some BEHIND!
  5. by   NHmommy
    NO! I didn't even get to take the exam! I didn't know you needed a photo id. I left my purse in the car (thinking they wouldn't let me bring anything in)...and they wouldn't let me go get it!
    I'm going to take it next week instead.
    Talk about a bummer!

    Thanks for asking though.