1. Are there any nursing students out there that use a PDA? Is it helpful.
    I have read that PDA's are useful to nursing students and the one I keep reading about is the Palm Tungsten T5.

    any comments?

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  3. by   arciedee
    My school just started requiring them this year... they provided them to us with the software they wanted us to have (though obviously we had to pay for them as part of our fees). We're using Palm T/X models and they seem to be pretty helpful. We use them a lot in clinical. I don't really know anything about the advantages or disadvantages of different models, though.
  4. by   DoGood2u
    Where do you go to school?
  5. by   arciedee
    Quote from DoGood2u
    Where do you go to school?
    I'm at UNH