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  1. Can't find the LNA salary thread, so I hope it's ok to start one. I noticed the Nurses salary thread and was wondering what are LNA salaries and where (hospital/nursing home/home health)? Especially in So.NH, Manchester

    Just finished LNA

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  3. by   workerbeezee
    I'm new today also. I believe it's different where you go. Staffing agencies will pay more around 15 and up. Facilities are 8 and up. But it all boils down to benefits patient to LNA Ratios flexibility and so fourth. I work Home care at 13 doing per diem work but it allows flexibility in my schedule...the downside is I don't always get the hours..it can be a hit or miss. I plan on applying to other agencies for back up and work per diem at a facility or acute care for the experience....keeping my eggs in different baskets. I am starting nursing school in January.
    Hope this was helpful.