Moving to NH!

  1. Hello fellow nurses!

    My parents moved to NH (Littleton specifically) over a year ago from California, and we (my husband, children and I) are planning on following them out there this summer. I am currently waiting for my license to go through... but I'm hoping I can get some advice re: job search.

    I know things are different in the North Country, but I'm mostly wondering how quickly people get hired out there. My dad seems to think I will get a job faster if I'm already out there, whereas I am afraid to move without a job! I'm also worried about the Pay, I know it is MUCH lower than California, but so is the cost of living. Do you make a decent living compared to the cost of living? Or Do families with nurses absolutely have to have both parents working? I know it seems silly, but California is all I've ever known, and it's nice to know that I can provide for my family if it takes a while for my husband to find work!

    Thanks for all your advice!
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