Any Rivier students out there?!

  1. Hi!

    I was just accepted in the the Rivier College ADN evening program as a transfer student I'm excited, but definitely nervous, and will hopefully begin my clinicals this fall. How is the program? How is nursing Fundamentals? and how are the professors? I wanted to get a head start this summer on nursing material and was wondering what I should focus on?

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  3. by   Danieljof
    Hi! I know this thread is from almost 5 years ago but I just had a question about Rivier concerning the transfer process. Did you have more than 12 college credits when you transferred to Rivier? If so, were you required to send in your high school transcript? I'm applying to Rivier and I'm concerned about that because my high school transcript is terrible but my college transcript is great. Hope you're able to answer haha! Thanks.