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New Graduate Nurse

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I have graduated from my nursing program in the summer, wrote the NCLEX & passed (first try!) and am registered with a body and have all my qualifications up to date. I have been job hunting ever since with absolutely zero luck. I have applied to numerous various positions in different locations and I have yet to hear back from any. I have had my resume professionally looked at, joined the new graduate guarantee program and attended conventions.

Does anybody have any tips for a new graduate nurse who is very eager to start her career?


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There are a ton of threads on this topic, do a search for maybe some more info. Unfortunately, there is no nursing shortage so new grads finding jobs is difficult.

I graduated almost 2 years ago and moved out of the area to get my job experience... turns out I really like where I moved so am staying ehre longer :) win/win

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I'm guessing from your post that you are not from the US? Networking is extremely important and strongly encouraged for students while still in school, as the competition for new graduate nursing jobs is typically tough. If you are coming from "outside" that, it's extra hard.

It's really not so much about any tips that might help you find a job, but rather your need to put your resume everywhere and anywhere a nurse can possibly be hired. If you are looking for a particular kind of job (and it's natural that you would be) you have to realize that you might need to take any job that is offered....regardless of where and what.

Be available to work all shifts (days/evenings/nights). Be available for weekends, holidays. Place no conditions on anything! There will undoubtedly be another new grad who has no such limitations, and they will get the job before you if that's the case.

Good luck!

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