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New Grad, not yet licensed with interview. HELP!


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Ok, so I applied to an LPN position and they contacted me for an interview. I literally JUST finished my LPN program and have not yet taken boards, although I have already registered and plan to take RIGHT AWAY. I wasn't expecting to hear back from anywhere I applied so soon. I am afraid I will tell them I am not yet licensed and will think I'm crazy for even applying and waisting their time.

I'm also freaking out about this being my first interview for a nursing position. I don't know what to expect. Any advice would be great!!

Jenni811, RN

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naaah! I got a job interview for an RN position after even before graduated nursing school last year. I got the job interview in April and i graduated in May. I didn't take my boards until June. I got the position and they held my position until i passed my boards. If they like you enough, it is not an issue.

They know interviewing a new grad this is a very common issue, so it won't surprise them one bit.

tokmom, BSN, RN

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How did you present yourself on the application? As a new grad or as an LPN? You can't legally say you are an LPN until you are licensed. You might want to clarify that before wasting their time with an interview.

If they know you are a new grad, but not licensed and you sit through an interview, they will ask some standard questions.

What are your strengths and weaknesses.

They might want a time where you caught something amiss with a pt (think clinicals where you picked up abnormal breath sounds or something)

How you would handle an emergent situation

How would you handle a grumpy co worker

They want to see someone that has critical thinking skills, can delegate, and be a team player.

Good luck!


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Oh ok, well that makes me feel better. Thanks! :)