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New Grad Worried I Forgot Everything I Learned in School

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natclark28 has 1 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN.

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Hello! I graduated with my ADN in May 2019 & my BSN in Dec. 2019 and finally have a job within the hospital setting. I have been out of real school since May 2019 so I am nervous that I have forgotten everything crucial that I learned (medications, disease processes, basic knowledge, s/s, ect.). I start my new job on a Neuro/Trauma PCU in April and wanted some advice about what I should be reviewing(if I even need to review), how to cope with the stress/anxiety of being a new grad nurse, and how to prepare for my new career? I know that school and actually working in the field are completely different but I want to be prepared and not feel or sound like a total idiot, if possible. Thank you for any advice & help!

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