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New Grad Weighing Options


Hello. I am a new Grad who graduated in May and passed NCLEX in June. I have been applying to several small hospitals as well as new grad programs at bigger hospitals. So far I have only gotten three interviews. Two of these interviews were with Davita for an acute float dialysis position and the other was with Kindred Healthcare. These two areas are not really where I would like to be. My dream is to work in OB but I am aware it is difficult to obtain a position in this specialty as a new grad. I am more than willing to work in other units to gain experience so that I can eventually work in OB. My question is if I were to work for Davita or Kindred would it be hard to work in a hospital? I have been hearing and reading that is difficult to work in acute hospitals after working at Kindred and I have also heard that dialysis is very specialized so it will make it difficult to go into another field. I would love to hear some advice and input on this matter. Thanks!