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I am a May 07 grad from an Associate Degree RN program. I currently live in New Orleans and will be taking the NCLEX in July/August. I will start my ER position June 18 with my temporary license. My question....I want to move to Atlanta by November/December 2007. Will I be able to apply for an endorsement license in Georgia with having just graduated this year? I know it says I need 500hours or 3 months in the "practice of nursing"....does this qualify?



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As soon as you have your license you can apply in Georgia and I would encourage you to do so as soon as you do have it. If you check your BON website and it list your license number, go ahead and apply. Georgia BON meets roughly every 3 months so the process can be lengthy. It can seem like forever if you send it off after they've just met and no time at all if you send it off just before they meet again. Don't hesitate!

Thank you so much for your response. I will definitely take your advice and send off my application as soon as I have my LA license.

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