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New Grad


Hey good evening,

New graduate student here applying to jobs and I just wanted to hopefully get some insight and help on a decision that I will be hopefully having the opportunity to take. I have the opportunity of starting off on a cardiac intermediate care unit that is connected to the cardiac ICU, or starting off on a medsurg unit connected with a medical intermediate care unit. I have interest in eventually being involved in an ICU and potentially (highly probably) going back to working in the ED after being a tech in the ED for two years, along with potentially going to school for CRNA. Can anyone shed any pros and cons light in going either route in regards to knowledge and experience gained and perhaps potential career pathways. Thank you anyone for your help. I know this is a a multifaceted decision, just looking for some help that could help me make a more well informed decision. Typically, what do you guys see would be a great benefit of working in a level 1 trauma center?

Lev, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency - CEN. Has 7 years experience.

I think the cardiac IMC/ICU deal would serve you better if your goal is ED/ICU/CRNA.

Thank you for your input!