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New Grad Starting Salary

by JM5377 JM5377 (New) New

My family and I are moving to the Raleigh area. Could anyone give me an idea of the starting salary for new grads in this area? I have looked into WakeMed, UNC and Duke. Any advice for a new nurse in this area would be great. I am currently a tech in the ED.

Several of the girls I graduated with started at Duke last year at 20.74 or there abouts. Not sure about UNC or WakeMed


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$20.00-21.50ish in the Raleigh area.

There are differentials also that will help.

I know at Rex eve is 3.50, night-5, and weekend-10 extra per hour. so weekend nights you earn 36ish an hour. Eve starts I think at 230 and night at 1045.