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New Grad Starting Post Partum and L&D

Please help, I am a new grad RN pretty much. Graduated in May, but have been a LVN since 2008 with experience in Occupational Health and Home Health.

I will be starting my position in Postpartum first and then L&D.

What should I focus on?

Agree with PP to focus on assessment and teaching. My only experience in these floors is having a baby so I only have a patient perspective. But post partum my nurses were constantly checking fundal height, assessing pain, assessing incisions. Teaching, however, is what they did 90% of the time. They reviewed breastfeeding (big!), bathing the infant, what to watch for when I went home (fevers, stools/wet diapers), what they were testing my kid for and why (weight loss, carseat tests, hearing screens, metabolic screens, vaccines). Obviously, this is only my experience but it might give you someplace to start reviewing.

Thank you everyone I'll go over to look in the OB forum

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