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New Grad. Seeking words of wisdom

by JAMDMAY08 JAMDMAY08 (New) New

I'll be a new graduate in May. I start orienting on a Neuro unit June 2nd. Any words of wisdom, tips, or assessment advice that would benefit my transition? :bowingpur


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Act enthusiastic about your job. Be nice to your coworkers. Ask questions. Help your neighbor with admissions,etc... Offer to do things for your coworkers. Be proactive. Look up meds on your own before you give them, don't just ask your preceptor. Don't be lazy. Don't just sit there. Take good care of your patients. Be nice to your patients.

In the neuro unit...neuro exams are everything. Assess your patient! Know when something is wrong...tell somebody, ask somebody.

Be careful. Check your orders. Cover yourself. Chart everything! Good luck, you can do it.:yeah:

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