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New Grad in Search of Job

Hey everyone,

I am a newly licensed LVN and I am on the hunt for a job.

I am really interested in Home Health but a lot of agencies I have noticed they require at least 1 year experience.

I was wondering if any new grads out there have gotten into HHA in southern california, and which agencies are the best for new grads.

TIA! (:


Has 6 years experience. Specializes in Ambulatory, Corrections, SNF, LTC, Rehab.

Hmm you can try agencies like Maxims and Supplemental? But if you don't mind why home health? I mean you can work in LTC some home health jobs their pay is low and skills is very limited. I'm pretty sure you can have better job I mean more skills jobs like in LTC, clinics or even in correctional. Some places will hire new nurses. Try to search around in your area ;)

Well im open to whatever i can get, i just heard that HHA are more flexible when it comes to school. Ill be going back to school soon for my BSN so i want an employer that will work around my school schedule.

It's so hard for me trying to find a job, i know ppl always say to network, but i don't know anyone in the nursing field besides the classmates i graduated with.


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