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Hi everyone, thank you for your input. I'm a recent graduate and it is so hard to get a job as a new grad. I'm in California and the job market for new grad is horrendous. Anyone out there that are working or recent got a job as a new grad have any advice or know of a hospital offering new grad position? Much appreciate for your help and time. Thank you so much.



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Hi, i hear you. It can be very frustrating, cause noone wants to hire without the paid nursing experience, so my question would be how do you get one in the first place. I graduated in January and got my license in March, only job that i have is homecare, where i get 10 cases a month (500$ a months cause its per diem) if i am lucky, and that's because i am new, other co-workers get to open cases every day. I am in NY,and considering taking a position in nursing home for LPN rate, just for experience, and apply to hospitals after that. Good luck to you!