New Grad RN - is part time or per diem work possible in any area?


I just graduated from nursing school

(third degree) and passed the NCLEX.  However, I have decided to take a non-clinical position as an Epic Analyst (I was doing this before going back to school) because I can make more money and I am currently 22 weeks pregnant.  I went back to school with every intention of partaking in patient care but at this time just feel like it's not what is best for my family and myself.  However, I would really like to keep my hands in it and develop actual skills as much as I possibly can because I do hope to work full time as a nurse in the future.  Does anyone know of any opportunities/areas of nursing where they would hire a new grad part time or per diem ? 

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Pediatric Home Health agencies always looking for part-time and per diem staff, most will provide training.

With your Epic Analyst background, Nursing Informatics maybe a good future fit.