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New grad RN in Northern CA - can't get in touch


I am looking for some advice about job hunting. I am living in southern Solano county now. I graduated with a BSN and got my RN license in another state, and I am waiting for the CA State Board of Nursing to process the endorsement of my license. I have been job hunting for over a month now. I am hoping to get into a hospital, and I have applied to many healthcare systems. I have tried networking on LinkedIn and with anyone I know out here. I have called several HR departments and nurse managers. A lot of times people just tell me to apply online. When I went to one hospital to try and get face time with a nurse manager and a recruiter, I was turned away and told to apply online. I have had a hard time getting in touch with nurse recruiters via phone or email.

So what is my next step? Do I wait for my license to transfer and see if that gets me an interview? Should I try going to more hospitals? How do new grad nurses get jobs here?

Thank you!