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New Grad RN in Dialysis


Hi! I graduated 2 years ago in the Philippines and now I am about to start working in an in patient dialysis unit. I have zero experience but I was lucky to land the job. A lot of people have told me how I should have started off on the floors (which I had the opportunity to do so) and I would be on my own in handling codes a lot. I totally understand their concerns and it scares me that I may have made the wrong decision in starting off in a specialized area. But I already accepted the job and I hate to back off from challenges like this. I want to prove that they did not make a mistake in hiring me. Any advice or words of encouragement? Thank you so much and I really appreciate it. :)

Go in with a positive attitude and be willing to learn from everyone. Good luck!


Specializes in Nephrology. Has 6 years experience.

Dalysis is some ways is like its own health care system. Ifyou do well, there is limitless opportunity.