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New Grad Resume Help

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Hi Everyone,

I am a new graduate from Canada and am having trouble getting in interview for a Registered Nursing Position. Can any one please provide any feedback for my resume?


To obtain a position as a new graduate Registered Nurse where I can expand on my skills and enhance patient experience and care through compassion, collaboration, avocation, and family-centered care.


[TABLE=width: 776]


[TD]• Experience in pediatrics, adult oncology, adult medical-surgical and community care.

• Able to keep composure during stressful situations.

• Excellent organizational and time management abilities.

• Critical thinker and problem solver


[TD]• Working knowledge of Meditech electronic medical record documentation software.

• Collaborates effectively with all members of a health care team

• Written and oral communication skills.[/TD]




2012 – 2016 Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honors

2011 – 2012 Pre-Health Science

2006 – 2010 Ontario Secondary School Diploma



September 2015-December 2015

· Provided comprehensive medical care to the adult population diagnosed with oncology.

· Utilized skills in tracheostomy care, complex dressing changes, catheterizations, total parenteral nutrition, and nasogastric tubes.

· Administered medication through PICC and Port-a-Catheter central lines.

· Assessed patient conditions, utilized effective decision making, and implemented and evaluated appropriate interventions

· Assisted patients and families with emotional and physical comfort when approaching death and dying


September 2014 – December 2014

· Documented all care and patient interactions in a timely manner using Meditech software.

· Improved pediatric focused assessment skills and head-to-toe assessments.

· Provided active and passive range of motion exercises

· Communicated and worked effectively with the other nursing staff and members of the health care team

· Administered medication through intravenous infusion pumps.

· Educated patients and their families on health care needs and conditions

· Effectively used therapeutic communication appropriate for patient's developmental ages


January 2014 – April 2014

· Provided collaborative post-operative care to the adult population.

· Performed simple dressing changes, utilizing aseptic and sterile technique.

· Refined head-to-toe and focused assessments

· Gained experience with catheterization care and nasogastric tubes.

· Monitored laboratory results to ensure proper medication administration.

· Safely administered blood and blood products and medication through oral, topical, and injection routes

· Clear and effective patient teaching for discharge


September 2012 – December 2012, Obstetrics, Long-term care

September 2013 – December 2013, Medicine

January 2016 – April 2016, Integrated Placement – Long-Term Care


College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)

Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses (CCCN)


2015 First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Recitation (CPR) for the Health Care Provider (CPR)

2016 Basic Cardiac Life Support



June 2014-January 2015

· Experience with mental health clients

· Provided up to 24-hour care to clients with a wide range of abilities, diagnoses, and ages in their homes.

· Required to work independently and developed organization skills and prioritization of tasks.

· Continuously demonstrated correct use of body mechanics for client transferring and care.

· Maintained safe and clean environments.

· Thorough documentation of client care and interactions.

· Provided light housekeeping and basic meal preparation and cooking.

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Theres probably nothing wrong with your resume, its just the positions your applying for are not hiring new grads since there are so many for so few positions. Try applying more rural or home care and long term care positions.

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loriangel14 is a RN and specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

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It likely has little to do with your resume. Generally the market is flooded with new grads. Dozens of applicants for each opening. What province are you in?

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Just some general tips:

- Make your resume condensed to fit one page. I would just list the PSW job title, dates, employer and leave the description of the job duties out unless they are relevant to the place you're applying to.

- Summary of skills section seems too long.

- Take out redundant information such as your pre-health studies and high school diploma.

- If you have received your license list RN next to your name since it tends to attract more attention and most new grad positions accept resumes from students who passed the NCLEX and or licensed.

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joanna73 is a BSN, RN and specializes in geriatrics.

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In addition to the suggestions above, I would suggest you remove your objective and your summary of skills.

Both take up space and the information isn't unique. Objectives are no longer required on a resume, and your summary of skills is essentially identical to all new grads.

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Yes your resume is part of the problem! Proof read!! AVOCATION means "hobby". I think you meant to write "advocacy". Errors like this make applicants sound ignorant, especially when it's right at the top of your resume.

Also, one cannot be "diagnosed with oncology". Oncology is the STUDY of cancer.

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Fiona59 has 18 years experience.

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Uhm, one year old thread resurrection for a one time poster.

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