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New Grad Residencies Near Spokane

Ballyhoo Ballyhoo (New) New Student

Hello all,

My wife recently got accepted to graduate school in Spokane. We are from Utah, and I am graduating from nursing school with my BSN in less than two months. I am having trouble finding many new grad positions in the area, and I am hoping to gain some guidance here. Anyone have any connections, or know which hospitals to look into? I am mostly interested in working ICU in a trauma center. Obviously this isn't always possible as a new grad, so I am open to other positions as well that could lead me towards an ICU spot.

I am new to this community, and I am grateful for any direction you have to offer me.




Has 2 years experience.

There are a few acute care hospitals in Spokane: Sacred Heart Medical Center, Holy Family Hospital (both are owned by Providence), then Deaconess Medical Center and Valley Hospital Medical Center (part of MultiCare). Both Providence and MultiCare offer several residency cohorts throughout the year. Good luck with the job search!