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New grad - from psych to wound care


I am currently working in psych for nearly a year and this is my first nursing job since I graduated in 2012 with a BSN. I want to become a wound nurse as that was my favorite part of clinicals was helping in wound care

Since I don't have medical experience can I still get an entry level job in wound care while seeking certification ? Can I get into the WONC program with only a psych background ?

I know to take the exam you need a certain number of hours of clinical experience but couldn't I obtain that during the clinical portion of school?

I think that in order to take the wound care exam you need hours caring for wound care patients. I, like you, started out in psych. I just recently got a job at a LTAC facility, which I would encourage you to consider if you love wound care. There a TONs of wounds of all shapes and sizes! One of the nurses in orientation with me is enrolling in a wound certification class, so she will do the class work and then find a preceptor for her hours to qualify for the test. If you aren't interested in LTAC or have one nearby, hopefully you can find another position that provides a lot of wound care opportunity! Good luck!!