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New Grad Programs in CA with COVID-19

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Hi all,

I am in a CSU in the Bay Area. My program is a dual BSN/MSN and I (if everything goes well with clinical hours in this semester) should be able to sit for the NCLEX this Summer. My school is considering providing students with their BSN rather than having us obtain our BSN/MSN together when we should graduate from the program in Dec 2020.

The school is concerned regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and want's us to have our BSN early so that we may be able to join the workforce.

I know a lot can change in the next couple of months, but this is all unexpected and now I'm wondering if I need to start looking for programs and jobs sooner than I anticipated.

I have heard that some hospitals are withholding their New grad RN programs because of limited resources (UCSF)

Has anyone else heard of this? Do you have any suggestions of where to start looking?

If I am unable to find a new Grad program, should I consider possibly applying to and every open position?

My preceptorship was in the NICU and I have been focusing in peds/maternal health, but am willing to work anywhere.

Are you aware of other New Grad programs other than Stanford, UCSF, Davis?

Any areas you suggest applying for or programs to keep a lookout for fall/Summer start dates?


Stay well!

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onefinenurse2011 specializes in Orthopedics.

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check out El Camino Hospital In Mountain View. A new cohort will be starting mid month with us. Good luck!

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