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New Grad at PIH, Whittier: Is 4-6 Weeks too Short?


For those who have gone through the New Grad Program at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital at Whittier or Downey, did you feel it was helpful/satisfactory/safe? Or, if you are a nurse at PIH, in your opinion does the program seem to churn out fairly confident and competent nurses/co-workers?

Some background: The program at PIH in Whittier has a very short orientation on med/surg (2wk general orientation + 4-6wk 1:1 preceptorship). In comparison, the "gold standard" Versant program is a whopping 18-20wks (admittedly, certainly not the norm). At PIH I have been offered a job on my ideal floor! I really connected with the manager who hired me, everyone seems extremely friendly and, in general, people I know who work there seem to really enjoy it. However, I have offers from other hospitals with somewhat longer programs and while I may be less keen on the culture/commute of these alternates, I'm ultimately looking for the best education and support possible for my first few years of nursing. Thank you kindly in advance for any insight into the PIH New Grad Program!