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New grad pay


What is the ballpark starting hourly rate for a new grad

Definitely depends on what part of the state your working in. Anchorage area is around $30 an hour. However, if your not from there keep in mind a decent (NOT fancy) 1bed/1bath 750ft apartment is going to run you $1200/month plus utilities (gas/electric can be expensive in the winter). Gas is also well over $3 a gallon (Often close to or over $4, it's cheap right now). and groceries are on average, 150-200% the price of what they cost in places in the lower 48. (Excluding NYC, CA, etc.)

Depends. One establishment starts at $27+, others I know start at $32+, and one starts at $27 but you can bargain for quite a it more since they are in dire need of nurses now.

At the hospital I work at in Ga, I believe the new nurses said they earn 22.00 an hour.