New grad from NY looking to relocate to NC

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Hi everyone! I'm currently a senior in NY, looking to relocate to NC after I take my NCLEX! As of right now I'm looking at the Greensboro and Winston Salem area. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has also been in my type of situation and if they can give me any information about anything about relocating and just advice on general about it! I'm nervous about job offers and what I would be able to get considering I will be a new grad and did not go to school in the state. Thank you so much!



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If you want to give me a call. We are looking for RN and LPN'S for a Home Health Care agency. We have locations in Winston Salem and Greensboro, NC. Flexible scheduling, great pay and sign on bonuses. I will get your information and set a phone interview with the boss. 704-9125-9750.