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New grad in nursing home please help!

by justice86 justice86 (New) New

Hello good day all!

Any experienced nurses and new grads working in nursing home can you give me all the advice i can get! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!! :)


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Prioritize the best you can(time managment is a real challenge in that environment...I know since I've been there), treat your CNAs like the gold they are(well most of them) and stand up for YOUR rights as well as the patients' rights!

Nurse Joey

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Ask for as many orientation shifts as possible, you'll start to learn a routine, and some of the tricks the more experienced nurses use. Don't let them throw you in the fire, ease your way in.

PsychNurseWannaBe, BSN, RN

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Stay on orientation as long as possible. Find a mentor and ask appropriate questions. I had a great mentor and she even put up with me. :)

practice the 'right' way. You will see ethical and moral standards of nursing comprised. Nurse in good conscience so you can leave knowing you took the best care of your pt.