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New Grad Nurse Hired in Complex Care Unit

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by newnurse345 newnurse345 (New Member) New Member Nurse

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Hello Everybody,

I am newly graduated RPN, starting my first nursing job on a complex care unit. I am absoulutely nervous about starting on the unit! Please can any one share there experiences as new nurse on a complex care unit or any other nursing area Hospital, LTC or Home Area.

- A nervous New Grad!

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vintage_RN has 3 years experience.

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Just remember that everyone was new once. The first day is the hardest. Ask lots of questions, The only stupid question is one that isn’t asked. Respect your preceptor and other coworkers, who have been working there and nursing much longer than you...they have real life knowledge to share and is very valuable, even if it isn’t exactly “by the book.” Regardless of where you go or who you are, it’s hard to be new....thankfully you aren’t new for long. Good luck! 

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