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New Grad/New job


Has 5 years experience.

I graduated in May, and now in July will be starting my new job soon as a pediatric home health nurse.I have no idea what to expect. Any tips, advice, tricks ? I have been in CNA for five years in the hospital setting as an Emergency room tech with pediatrics and adults ( two jobs, two hospitals). I am giving up the adult ER position to take this LPN home health position, while keeping my EDT position at the pediatric hospital. The idea of being the nurse has me a bit rattled, I've always had my nurse as a resource , I've always been able to grab my nurse when theres been issues, my nurse has always saved me....but now I am the nurse! I am competent, very well skilled and calm under pressure, but nerves are still abit off as this is a new en devour. What is one thing you would tell a new grad....what is one thing you wish you'd of done different, or known as a new grad?