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New grad moving to Anchorage AK

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I will be graduating in June from an RN program In California and moving mid June to Anchorage. I already started the licensure process for AK, but I was wondering if someone could give me an insight on what I should expect while looking for a job once I get my license. Will I have a hard time getting hired? I'm willing to work anywhere (preferably in a hospital). I am also looking into to RN to BSN program at UAA. Any recommendations? Tips?

Thanks in advance (:

I doubt that you will have any serious difficulty obtaining a nursing job in AK. We are still the frontier and nurses are not necessarily easy to come by. Many facilities will give hiring preference to native AK applicants and graduates of the University of Alaska programs, but there are jobs to be had.

Good luck.

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Hi! i am graduating from a BSN program in Arizona and will be moving to Anchorage in February. Im curious about the transition for the license. It seems it will be easier to take my boards in AZ and then transfer my license. would you say thats true?? Also i have been poking around looking at job listings and there seems to be a need for nurses.