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New Grad Medical Missions

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Hello all,

I was possibly thinking of applying to do a medical missions trip during this summer, ideally right after I get licensed?

I have been searching on the internet but a lot of the ones I run into are more at least 9 months or more commitment and I need something shorter than a month.

I would like to do a medically centered trip to virtually any location (as long as its not dangerous).

Does any one happen to have advice on a good company to do this with? or is it a good idea to go aboard as a new nurse?

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HouTx has 35 years experience as a BSN, MSN, EdD and specializes in Critical Care, Education.

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I admire your altruism. However, the reality is - somewhat different than you imagine. Charitable organizations rely on experienced, (good to go) volunteers because they do not have the capacity or resources for any type of extended training. The clinical nursing services that are in most demand are OB, OR & ED. My organization has sponsored several medical mission teams in response to health care crises - we usually have to commit each team to a minimum of 3 months.

Have you explored local options for volunteering? It would help you to understand the basic structure & function of a volunteer medical/nursing activity - reporting relationships, protocols, etc. This could help you develop a level of valuable expertise that would be applicable to future opportunities. Most "public" events have a 'first aid' function that is staffed by volunteers - things like "Fun Runs", Special Olympics, mass CPR training, Festivals, etc... they're also great opportunities to meet fellow volunteers.

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