New Grad Indecision


Specializes in NICU. Has 2 years experience.

Hi there! I could use a bit of advice as a new grad.

I shadowed a position in an LTAC today and was a bit disappointed, but it is the only job that has interviewed me since the end of April. My state was hit pretty hard with COVID-19, and I just got licensed middle of June. I was told LTAC could be a great learning experience, but I want to become an Acute Care NP within the next 5 years. Would LTAC give me enough experience for ACNP?

Furthermore, there is a new grad residency that I want to apply to as well which starts in September and new grads get to cycle through ICUs and choose which they like best and get a permanent FTE (0.9) position there. I love this idea but it starts so late and I feel a lot of pressure from my family just to get a job and stop being so "picky."

But when I was at the LTAC, it just didn't feel like me. I like being in a patient's room for 3+ hours because of their acuity. I didn't get a good feel of the LTAC patient's acuity, but I just feel pressure to say yes and stop being so picky.

So does LTAC give good experience or should I hope I get into the ICU residency?

~RN of Sunshine