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New grad hired in LDRP, any suggestions on reading and tips?

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by Kom Kom (New Member) New Member Nurse

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I am a new grad hired in LDRP, and I was wondering if anyone can suggest a book to read for this specialty? What can I tell them in discharge teaching? Also, any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

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aspiringcnm3 is a RN and specializes in Labor & Delivery.

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There are many threads on this topic but I recognize they may be old. AWHONN has a nice perinatal textbook the new grads use on my unit that isn’t too expensive. You can always reference whatever OB textbook you used in nursing school. Your practice should also be informed and guided by your facility’s policies.

You will be taught how and what to teach people before discharge - don’t worry too much about that. My organization has a folder and booklet we give to families and we go through that with them. 

Best of luck!

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