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New Grad and Freaking out

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I feel like every time I leave a shift I forget to do something or chart something that can cost me my license. I have so much anxiety when I come home. For instance today, the last hour of my shift was hectic. I had a admit I took his weight and height, but I forgot to document it. It was written on the board in the patients room but I feel like this could cause me to lose my job because he is a CHF pt and knowing his weight is important. Also, I forgot to reassess a groin site and document it, so it went about 2 hrs without being assessed, and it needed to be assessed every hour. 

I am just overly anxious because I worked really hard to get my license and I do not want to lose it. Also, I do not want to cause any harm to my patient at all because I can not remember to do these simply things that matter a lot. Is it normal to worry like this? And do you think I could get fired for these actions? I am honestly just freaking out at this point.

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You will be fine! Seriously! Having anxiety as a new nurse is normal. There is a big learning curve from school to practice. I do not think you are going to lose your job over forgetting to document height/weight or lose your nursing license. The oncoming nurse may mumble and grumble about it not being charted but your job is safe. 

As for losing your license, please go to your states BON and look at the reasons why nurses lose their license.

Do you use a brain sheet during your shift? If you do not, start to use one to help keep all your information organized. You can find templates online or create your own. 

As time goes on you Will get better. Give yourself a break you are new. You are going to make mistakes. Just learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them. 



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