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New Grad Freaking Out

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i am new to this site and i love how understanding and caring everyone seems to be. i am a new rn. i have been working for a few months now and i am truly freaking out. i am doing fine says my preceptor/supervisor.. so why do i feel so misrable?? i am constantly stressed and i always feel like i am not good enough. i always go home feeling like i could have done something better and hoping that i did everything correctly. i am in a wonderful hospital with truly devoted nurses.. i would be very lucky to end up like any one of them. i want to stay in this hospital and in this field. i work in a very challenging unit working with neuro/ortho cancer patients. i am trying very hard.. but i just don't know if i am cut out for this. please help. is there anything i can do to alleviate my fears? does anyone else feel like this? am i really going insane? should i just settle for a cushy office job?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.