New grad first interview

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Good day

i am a new grad and this will be my first interview. It is on a med surg unit. I'm really nervous and any tips on how I should prepare will be greatly appreciated.




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Be confident but not cocky. Be enthusiastic, use humor, tell stories instead of one liner answers. But most importantly research the facility you will be interviewing for. Research accomplishments of the hospital, the managers/director/floor/unit then I think you will have a good shot at the job. Find out the latest about the facility and include that in your responses. Smile and look them in the eye.

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Aside from the general nursing interview questions (strengths, weaknesses, why nursing, why should we hire you, etc), be prepared for clinical based questions/scenarios. Go over nursing interventions, ADPIE, etc. I learned the hard way and did not go over my nursing skills/book prior to my first med-surge interview and get fault of course. My next interview went complete opposite as I was 100% prepared (and got the position too!)