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New Grad Dilemma?


To Stay or to Leave?

  1. 1. To Stay or to Leave?

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I recently graduated with less than 6 months experienced. I was hired on a med/surg floor at a small community hospital. The manager than hired me left and the new manager is on my butt all the time. I understand that I am new but to try to blame me for things that I didn't do is getting old and is quite annoying. For example, I admitted a patient during the day and on night shift the patient fell. Why are you coming to me and scolding me as if I was the one who told the patient to fall?? :unsure: This is not even the worst thing that has happen. I was actually written up for something that I had no control over and I feel like I am a scapegoat for her as a new manager. The question is do I stay until I get my 1 year experience or do I leave now after I find a new job? :no:

BTW: I hate going to work, I feel something bad is always going to happen..