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new grad cleveland clinic interview.

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Just had a interview with manager of the unit I want to work on Tuesday morning. I thought the interview went well. She was talking about setting up a day for me to shadow. However, I still have not heard anything And it's thursday! I know it's only been a couple of days, but I figured I would heard something from them the next day. This was my first nursing interview, so I do not know what to expect. Does it usually take a few days to hear back from them after u interviewed with a manager? I'm prolly just being paranoid, but I want this job sooooo....... bad!!!!!!!! Thankss!



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Have you heard back? usually you shadow the same day you interview. I had a job offer within 48 hours. Some of my peers and coworkers had job offers within 2 weeks.

I had a second interview with the director and assistant directed. Don't think I landed it though :( that was a nerve racking interview.


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I will be applying there this week! So nervous

I had an offer within an hour of leaving. They probably want you to shadow before extending an offer. This is the busy time for hiring so if I were you I would just reach out to the manager about shadowing to show your continued interest.