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New grad in CCU



I graduated in May, 2015 and have accepted a job on a CCU. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of books or education tools to help prepare for the job?

Thanks so much for any advice!!

kool-aide, RN

Specializes in Cardiac. Has 5 years experience.

The Cardiac Care Unit Survival Guide

I'all be starting there next week as a new grad also. Good luck to us! I think I am going to join the AACN.


Specializes in Coronary Care.

I'm also starting as a new grad in the CCU in July...nervous but excited!

ALS course.

ECG course. Study those rhythms like crazy.

"Lab notes" notebook is great cause it's pocket size and can fit in your scrubs.

Whend u start? How was it been? What resources have u used?