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new grad BSN looking to move to Denver-area

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I recently graduated from an accelerated BSN program in December 2019. I have previous degrees and worked for several years in clinical research before deciding to go back to school to pursue nursing. 

My husband and I are planning to relocate this spring to somewhere in the Denver-area suburbs from the East Coast.  I have been looking for jobs but so many of the hospital postings ask for 6 months of nursing experience, which I obviously don't have as a new grad.  I've applied to a couple of the new grad residency programs, and will put in more new grad residency applications once they open in February and April/May.

Does anyone have any other recommendations?  Should I be applying for those jobs that ask for 6 months of experience anyway?  My goal is to become an oncology nurse but I am happy to work Med/Surg to get experience too, I just haven't had luck finding anything so far.  Do any of the hospitals actually hire new grads outside of a new grad residency position?

Thanks in advance!

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