New Grad Blues

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Okay. So I have been out of school with my license since May. I can't even count how many applications I've put in in my state (I can't afford to move out of state without a nursing job) and frankly I don't wanna know, I know I have applied for the same job twice. People may call me crazy but I did have a nursing job at a nursing home for about 2 weeks but I quit because instead of giving me the 6-12 weeks of orientation I hear most new grads need, they were only willing to give me 12 days. Deciding it best for my license as well as the well being of the patients I demanded more time and when they wouldn't give it to me I quit (I live in an at will state and was not yet out of my orientation period so no patient abandonment). Working in LTC seems to go against a lot of the morals I hold as a nurse such as not seeing the patients for more than med pass time (2 minutes for each person out of a 8 hour shift is ridiculous), just standing by not being able to do anything for a sick pt because the doctor hasn't called back, and other things. Now I'm back to my job in retail and putting out more apps, I'm also looking into going back to school for my Bachelors and getting my ACLS as well as maybe my NRP and PALS. I don't regret the decision I made to give up a nursing job but some days I wonder what I'm doing wrong thats not getting me interviews. I'm not the only one that has these feelings am I?



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Rest assured that there is literally no way you are alone -- take a look at our nation's unemployment rates. It's not a nursing-only problem.

That being said, nursing is better off than most career choices at least. Things can always be worse. I also graduated May 2011, and am still seeking employment. 6 months+ is not at all uncommon now for a typical duration of job-hunting.

The best thing to do is network. Whether you do this by joining nursing associations or volunteering or any other method you can think of to meet people who are working in places you are interested in is entirely up to you, but right now it's undeniably the best way to get yourself known to the powers that hire.

Shooting out buckshots of applications will probably work eventually, but there are certainly very effective strategies we can use as well.

For instance my best lead so far (I find out next week if I get hired or not) came from talking to some managers at a job fair and just getting my face and name exposed to them, and resume physically handed to people and getting to know them a little bit.

Something will turn up for you, good luck out there. Stay positive!

BSN was a waste

BSN was a waste

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I would not invest 1 more dime on this useless BSN. Need to know when to fold. Jobs see 800+ applicants for 20 jobs. Do you really want to invest 2.5 more years and $$$ with those odds? I wouldn't.



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I'm sorry you feel that way, but I value education and a lot of the positions I'm interested (such as Childrens Hopsital and magnet status Hopsitals) require a BSN.


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Every where now want you to have BSN. I am going back to school too. I can't find job either. So right now I am volunteering in a free clinic. I have a chance to be train in a nursing home too and I don't like it. Sad Place. Wish you and me and everybody find a job soon.