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New Grad AGACNP--More RN experience needed?


I recently graduated as an AGACNP. I have 2 years of med-surg experience as an RN and would like to get critical care experience as an RN. Trouble is, most of the RN recruiters I've spoken to have rejected my applications to ICU RN positions because they feel I'll likely leave if I'm offered an NP position somewhere else.

I have an opportunity to work as a hospice/palliative care NP doing house calls. My dream job is to work for a teaching hospital as a hospital-based acute care NP. Should I accept this palliative care position (great pay, great benefits, large medical group with opportunity for transfer, networking potential) to get my foot in the door as an NP? Would future employers appreciate ICU RN experience more than NP experience? Any advice is much appreciated.

NP experience will always look better than RN experience once you are an NP. The idea of an NP working as an RN for experience is bizarre to me. Why not get experience as a PROVIDER instead of a bedside nurse? I would think future employers would be worried about role confusion issues as well as forgotten material since you hadn't practiced as an NP for years after graduation.