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New to Fort Worth... CVICU/ICU hunting

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Hi all... new here....

I am looking to start working PRN in Fort Worth, preferably in a CVICU, but will do ICU. I am moving from Philadelphia, so have no real bearing on Forth Worth Hospitals. Which is the most respected/well-known around town?

Can anyone tell me a little about the different hospitals and their CVICUs or ICUs.... for example, number of beds, surgeries that are done (ie:heart transplant, valve, bypass, VAD, etc), and how much autonomy nurses have. Currently I work where nurse pull swans, chest tubes, have great order sets to go by.

I have a phone interview with the CVICU/ICU at Baylor All Saints next week. Should I look into Harris Methodist or others?

Can anyone help me out? Thanks a ton

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This topic is now closed to further replies.