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New to Cath Lab

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by ndrn ndrn (New) New Nurse

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Hello All,

I am a RN with 5 years of experience at a Critical Access Hospital. I still work on the Med/Surg floor and have 3 years of experience in our small ICU/Telemetry unit. I was offered a position in a larger Cath Lab and have accepted it, but am now starting to panic that I don’t have enough experience to make it in the Cath Lab.

I did tell them during my interview that this is a small ICU and that we only stabilized cardiac patients and sent them out should they be experiencing a cardiac event. This ICU sees a lot of everything from infants to geriatrics and we often do not keep intubated or very unstable patients. I have experience in reading telemetry and ekgs, but am no expert, nor do we monitor more than CVP and Arterial Line BPs (no cardiac output, IABP, Swan-Ganz, etc).

Would it be completely crazy to contact my Cath Lab manager and just make sure that they are aware of my limitations/lack of knowledge? I do not want to give the impression that I have “big” ICU experience when I do not. Or...am I overreacting?

Thanks in advance!

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