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New Braunfels; Need to pick a brain

by JWright JWright (New) New Educator Nurse

Specializes in IR-ED. Has 12 years experience.

Hi folks

I'm new to New Braunfels and I need to pick a knowledgeable brain. About myself, I'm a Medic and a Nurse, I've studied at Johns Hopkins, Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, LLUMC, UCLA and a few other niche places. I hold a dozen specialty certs--or more--in various areas of interest. Epidemiology, Emergency Psych, etc. As with most of us I hold multiple degrees.

I really was just hoping to talk to someone who knows about the intricacies of different practice areas, facilities, shift types and patient flow.

Anyone who is from these parts, let me know and I'll provide my contact information.

Looking for someone who knows the above. Specifically ED /Trauma and IR, also, CCT via ambulance is a tertiary area I'm interested in asking about.

Thanks so much everyone, I am deeply grateful for any help.

Yours in Health