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New to Acutes

cptshawn cptshawn (New) New

Hi everyone,

I'm about 4 months new to the acute dialysis setting having come from ER/ICU and military flight nursing. Any tips on learning the trade? My company has me covering five hospitals. Some of the facilities have dialysis rooms where we can do three or four at a time. Otherwise it's rolling the machine and the RO to the patient's room for 1:1 treatment. I'm a pretty good nurse and have decent technical aptitude so the clinical knowledge is there and I'm getting the machine pretty well. It's just that this is a bit humbling for someone who thought they had enough nursing experience to transition to any specialty with ease (having made a few moves in the past). Some days I feel I'm absolutely on and other days I feel like a new grad. One area of frustration is that it seems the greatest priority is on speed; getting them on, treated and off in record time. I've heard this is how it is in the chronic setting. But there are so many variables in the hospital that can affect time that I find I spend most of my time explaining why it took five hours to do a 3.5 hour run. Any advice? I have always been a good patient focused nurse and don't want to lose that for the sake of speed.

Thank you.

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